Popular File related problems and solutions using Python

We share clean solutions for some of the most popular questions you may encounter when you process files or directories using Python. 

  1. How to check whether a file exists using Python?

  2. How to check whether a path is a file?

    You can use the os.path.isfile function:
    It returns True if path is an existing regular file. This follows symbolic links, so both islink() andisfile() can be true for the same path.

  3. How to make sure an directory exist?

  4. How to list all files of a directory in Python


  5. How to read a file line by line into a list with Python

  6. How to append a line to file in Python?

  7.  How to remove a file in Python?

    os.remove() will remove a file.

    os.rmdir() will remove an empty directory.

    shutil.rmtree() will delete a directory and all its contents.

    os.remove('test.txt') will remove file test.txt  from the current working directory. os.remove('/home/user/test.txt') will remove /home/user/test.txt 

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