Best websites to learn java programming

Here are some good resources to learn Java programming.

  1. Oracle Technology Network –

    This is the official Java developers’ website. It has all the information you need. It provides some interesting sections such as developers’ spot light, blogs, information about various Java technologies top downloads, and links for community. It is useful to get technical updates on Java, different IDEs and libraries.


    Wikipedia has always been a first-stop for learning something new, and it is also a hub for Java programmers too!  Whether you are looking for some basic Java concepts or looking for the list of the Java libraries, this is a great place to find most updated information about Java for FREE.

  3. has weekly updates of Java articles. It also provides sections like forums, top 5 articles, news and views, featured articles to both beginners and experienced java developers. 

    This is a “Hub” for the all the Java developers.  
  5.  O’Reilly Java –

    O’Reilly’s Java website comprises new articles, news and Java help topics. You can also find books about java programming.


    This website will help you find useful articles and other information about Java, Microsoft & .NET, mobile, android, cloud, database, architecture or any other technology.

     Dzone provides high quality articles and news related to Java. It’s a community driven website. All the contents and article are published by the community and strictly monitored. 
  8. IBM’s Developerworks –

    This is a must go website for Java beginners.  This is a great source for the budding Java programmers willing to clear their Java fundamentals. The Java section of IBM’s Developerworks contains everything a Java programmer wants to know about Java like articles, online tutorials, community events, forums and so on.

  9. Stackoverflow – is probably the most popular website in the programming world. stackoverflow has a lot of code segments to help you Learn an API or a programming language through code examples.  


    It is more commonly known for hosting projects for free, but it is also a great resource to learn popular Java libraries and framework. You can search for the new framework and technology, and you will be able to learn the frameworks. 


    LeetCode is a social platform for preparing IT technical interviews. It provides you with the best learning experience in preparing interviews for companies in the IT industry. To be successful in a technical interview, we believe it is mainly repeating these three important steps: Code.  Read.  Discuss. They strive to provide you the LeetCode platform as the ultimate solution for preparing technical interviews.

  3. Reddit –

     It is an online medium of the Java developers to interact and learn from the expert Java community spread across the world.

    It is one of the best web resources among the Java professionals of every level. With a wide range of Java tutorials, starting from Spring, Grails, Hibernate, Struts, Struts 2 and more.  It has become an ideal hub for the everyone planning to get into Java development with strong fundamentals about Java programming and frameworks.

    It is another great online source for the Java developers who are actively working on Java development. This website contains all the Java programming tutorials, source code examples and tons of other useful Java material well-organized by categories.


    Referred as a HUB for the upcoming and seasoned Java experts, Java-Source is well-organized online resource that every Java programmer should bookmark. Starting from Java frameworks, latest IDEs, libraries, Java based content management systems to various code analyzing and reporting tools, you will find never ending information about all the Java development. 


    This website is all about Java, including Java frameworks, design patterns, Java API examples and tons of Java code samples that would simplify the life of Java coders. Whether you want to know about Java basics, object oriented features, collection & generics or some advanced concepts in database, file I/O or anything else, it is worth considering this online Java resources!


    As its name suggests, it is a free interactive Java tutorial for the people willing to learn different Java concepts in an engaging and hassle-free way. Whether you’re an experienced Java programmer or a newbie developer, this site is intended for everyone who wishes to learn or sharpen their Java programming skills.


    This site does what its name suggests! It is a Java tutorial site for a beginner programmer intended to teach the basics of Java development and programming in a simple English language through a number of Java source code examples for a wide range of topics. If you’re a beginner Java programmer, this site gives a kick-start to your career!

    It is a search engine for Java developers! A very useful site for searching code exampels.

  11. Instance Of Java

    The website covers popular Java programming concepts, including Java basics, object-oriented concepts, arrays, exception handling,Java string, wrapper classes and more. It also features several basic and advanced Java interview coding questions and answers sets. Instance Of Java features a range of learning resources, code examples and programs, popular Java job listings and more.