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  • Top CDN services to speed up your website

    Best CDN Services MaxCDN

    If you build a website using popular CMS tools such as wordpress, you may wonder how to speed up your website. CDN is one the methods you need to adopt to make your site faster and more reliable. This post will describe what CDN is, how it can speed up your website, and recommend the top CDN providers you can choose. 

    What is CDN

    Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of servers placed across the global in order to deliver static contents such as html file, images much faster. According to BuiltWith, out of top 10k websites,

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  • How to setup ipython notebook server to run spark in local or yarn model

    Ipython notebook is a powerful tool to learn python programming. In this post, I demonstrate how to setup a ipython notebook to to spark program in python.

    1. Install spark
      suppose spark is install at directory ~/spark, then execute:
    2. Install anaconda at ~/anaconda

      This will compress all the anaconda files to a zip file

      Run ipython notebook for pyspark using local model

    3. Now you can start a ipython notebook server in local model: WORKSPACE_DIR is the space where you want to save your codes.
      CONFIG_FILE is the location of the jupyter_notebook_config file.
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  • Vi (Vim) File Saving Related Commands

    Many times, after we opened a file using Vi, we may want to open another file or save the file into another location.

    Here are the commands:

    Press [Esc] key,  then press colon (:), at the left corner of your editor, you can type the following commands to save the file.



    Quit without saving changes i.e. discard changes

    r fileName
    Read data from file called fileName

    Write and quit (save and exit)

    w fileName
    Write to file called fileName (save as)


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  • How to Access Ipython Notebook Running on Remote Server

    When you run ipython notebook on a remote server using the following command

    jupyter notebook –no-browser –port=8889

    You will see:

    The Jupyter Notebook is running at: http://localhost:8889/

    In this case, you cann’t use the link:

    public_IP_address:8889 or domain_name:8889

    to get access to the Ipython Notebook Server.

    You can do some config to allow the Ipython notebook server to run on the public IP address, but this will cause security problems.

    A good way is to use ssh tunnel, so that We can get access to the remote server on a local machine.

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  • Permission denied when running jupyter notebook after switch user

    This error happens when you use a different user from the login user to run jupyter notebook.

    For example:

    If you login in using user root, then switch to user_x, then run:

    ipython notebook or jupyter notebook

    you will get the following exception:

    OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/run/user/1000/jupyter’

    The solution is:

    export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=””

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  • How to solve page not found error when using permalinks for wordpress

    I got the page not found error when I use the pretty permalinks of wordpress.

    Here is how I solved the problem after several round searches using search engines.

    1. make sure you have the write permission of /var/www/html/ folder
    2. sudo a2enmod rewrite
    3. edit the file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf (here we have an example of /var/www/html):

    and change it to;


    Most people can solve the page not found error after step 3, but I got internal server error.

    check the log:

    cat /var/log/apache2/error.log,

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