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  • Common MySql commands

    In this post, we describe the most popular Sql commands. 

    How to Install MySql

    Please refer to this post on the process of installing Mysql database

    The most popular MySql Commands

    Here are some of the most popular SQL commands we have to know.

    Database Level Mysql Commands

    Table Level Mysql Commands

    Row Level Mysql Commands

    How to Create and Delete a MySQL Database

    MySQL organizes its information into databases; each one can hold tables with specific data. The show database command can help you quickly check what databases are available


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  • How to install Mysql database

    In this post, we describe the steps of Installing and Starting MySQL

    How to Install Mysql On linux

    Install Mysql on Ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install mysql-server

    Install Mysql on Centos:

    sudo yum install mysql-server
    /etc/init.d/mysqld start

    How to install Mysql on Widows

    To install Mysql on Microsoft Windows.  The recommended way is to use the MySQL Installer.

    1. Download MySQL Installer from and execute it.
    2. Choose the appropriate Setup Type for your system. Typically you will choose Developer Default to install MySQL server and other MySQL tools related to MySQL development,
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