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  • LeetCode Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree (Java)

    Serialization is the process of converting a data structure or object into a sequence of bits so that it can be stored in a file or memory buffer, or transmitted across a network connection link to be reconstructed later in the same or another computer environment.

    Design an algorithm to serialize and deserialize a binary tree. There is no restriction on how your serialization/deserialization algorithm should work. You just need to ensure that a binary tree can be serialized to a string and this string can be deserialized to the original tree structure.

    For example, you may serialize the following tree

    as “[1,2,3,null,null,4,5]”,

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  • Leetcode – Word Ladder solution In Java

    leetcode word   ladder

    Given two words (start and end), and a dictionary, find the length of shortest transformation sequence from start to end, such that only one letter can be changed at a time and each intermediate word must exist in the dictionary. For example, given:

    One shortest transformation is “hit” -> “hot” -> “dot” -> “dog” -> “cog”, the program should return its length 5.


    From each word, we can change its letter one by one, thus a bread first search tree is constructed. The problem becomes to find the shortest path from the start word to the end word.

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