Resources to prepare a technical Interview

Here are some good resources to prepare a technical interview about programming, software engineering, algorithms, data structures, machine learning, and data science.  

Popular websites to prepare a technical interview A famous website for detailed explanation for essential algorithms and data structures.  The website built by the author of the one of the most famous book CC150. You can find many interview questions of big companies. : A platform to rate companies. For each company, you can find some interview questions posted by its users.

LeetCode Online Judge – The best website for practice your programming skills. – People share the most recent interview experiences from top companies. A good website that has answers for leetcode problems. 

VisuAlgo – visualising data structures and algorithms through animation 

Data Structure Visualization: Similar to above, contains most of the essential data structures.

Books to prepare technical interview

Algorithm Design 
The Algorithm Design Manual, 
Introduction to Algorithm  
Cracking The Coding Interview. – The is the most famous interview book named CC150.