Most Popular Deep Learning Projects

Top Deep Learning Projects

A list of popular github projects related to deep learning (ranked by stars).

Last Update: 2016.08.09

Project Name Stars Description
TensorFlow 29622 Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning.
Caffe 11799 Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.
Neural Style 10148 Torch implementation of neural style algorithm.
Deep Dream 9042 Deep Dream.
Keras 7502 Deep Learning library for Python. Convnets, recurrent neural networks, and more. Runs on Theano and TensorFlow.
Roc AlphaGo 7170 An independent, student-led replication of DeepMind’s 2016 Nature publication, “Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search” (Nature 529, 484-489, 28 Jan 2016).
TensorFlow Models 6671 Models built with TensorFlow
Neural Doodle 6275 Turn your two-bit doodles into fine artworks with deep neural networks, generate seamless textures from photos, transfer style from one image to another, perform example-based upscaling, but wait… there’s more! (An implementation of Semantic Style Transfer.)
CNTK 5957 Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK).
TensorFlow Examples 5872 TensorFlow tutorials and code examples for beginners.
ConvNet JS 5231 Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
Torch 5133 Torch7, Deep Learning Library.
OpenFace 4855 Face recognition with deep neural networks.
MXNet 4685 Lightweight, Portable, Flexible Distributed/Mobile Deep Learning with Dynamic, Mutation-aware Dataflow Dep Scheduler; for Python, R, Julia, Scala, Go, Javascript and more.
Nupic 4364 Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing: a brain-inspired machine intelligence platform, and biologically accurate neural network based on cortical learning algorithms.
Theano 4286 Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. It can use GPUs and perform efficient symbolic differentiation.
Leaf 4281 Open Machine Intelligence Framework for Hackers.
Char RNN 3820 Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, GRU, RNN) for character-level language models in Torch.
Neural Talk 3694 NeuralTalk is a Python+numpy project for learning Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks that describe images with sentences.
deeplearning4j 3673 Deep Learning for Java, Scala & Clojure on Hadoop, Spark.
TFLearn 3368 Deep learning library featuring a higher-level API for TensorFlow.
TensorFlow Playground 3352 Play with neural networks!
OpenAI Gym 3020 A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.
Magenta 2914 Magenta: Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence
Colornet 2798 Neural Network to colorize grayscale images.
Synaptic 2666 architecture-free neural network library for node.js and the browser
Neural Talk 2 2550 Efficient Image Captioning code in Torch, runs on GPU.
Image Analogies 2540 Generate image analogies using neural matching and blending.
TensorFlow Tutorials 2413 From the basics to slightly more interesting applications of Tensorflow.
Lasagne 2355 Lightweight library to build and train neural networks in Theano.
PyLearn2 2153 A Machine Learning library based on Theano.
LISA-lab Deep Learning Tutorials 2134 Deep Learning Tutorial notes and code. See the wiki for more info.
Neon 2121 Fast, scalable, easy-to-use Python based Deep Learning Framework by Nervana™.
Matlab Deep Learning Toolbox 2032 Matlab/Octave toolbox for deep learning. Includes Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets, Convolutional Autoencoders and vanilla Neural Nets. Each method has examples to get you started.
Deep Learning Flappy Bird 1721 Flappy Bird hack using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep Q-learning).
Chainer 1573 A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning.
Neural Story Teller 1514 A recurrent neural network for generating little stories about images.
DIGITS 1353 Deep Learning GPU Training System.
Deep Jazz 1229 Deep learning driven jazz generation using Keras & Theano!
Brainstorm 1143 Fast, flexible and fun neural networks.
Darknet 937 Open Source Neural Networks in C
Theano Tutorials 904 Bare bones introduction to machine learning from linear regression to convolutional neural networks using Theano.
RNN Music Composition 904 A recurrent neural network designed to generate classical music.
Blocks 866 A Theano framework for building and training neural networks.
TDB 860 Interactive, node-by-node debugging and visualization for TensorFlow.
Scikit Neural Net 849 Deep neural networks without the learning cliff! Classifiers and regressors compatible with scikit-learn.
Veles 760 Distributed machine learning platform (Python, CUDA, OpenCL)
Deep Detect 759 Deep Learning API and Server in C++11 with Python bindings and support for Caffe.
TensorFlow DeepQ 759 A deep Q learning demonstration using Google Tensorflow.
Caffe on Spark 724 Caffe On Spark.
Nolearn 702 Abstractions around neural net libraries, most notably Lasagne.
DCGAN TensorFlow 568 A tensorflow implementation of Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks
MatConvNet 479 MATLAB CNN toolbox for computer vision applications.
DeepCL 413 OpenCL library to train deep convolutional neural networks.


项 目 名 称 Stars 项目介绍
TensorFlow 29622 使用数据流图计算可扩展机器学习问题
Caffe 11799 Caffe是一个高效的开源深度学习框架
Neural Style 10148 Torch实现的神经网络算法
Deep Dream 9042 Deep Dream,一款图像识别工具
Keras 7502 一款Python实现的深度学习库,包括卷积神经网络、递归神经网络等。运行在Theano和TensorFlow之上。
Roc AlphaGo 7170 学生主导的一个独立项目,从新实现了 DeepMind在2016 Nature发表的内容, 《用深度神经网络和树搜索学习围棋》 (Nature 529, 484-489, 28 Jan 2016).
TensorFlow Models 6671 基于TensorFlow开发的模型
Neural Doodle 6275 运用深度神经网络将涂鸦变为优雅的艺术品,从照片生成无缝纹理,转变图片风格,进行基于实例的提升,等等…还有更多!(语义风格传递的实现)
CNTK 5957 计算网络工具(Computational Network Toolkit,CNTK)
TensorFlow Examples 5872 初学者的TensorFlow教程和代码示例。
ConvNet JS 5231 基于Javascript的深度学习库。在浏览器中训练卷积神经网络模型(或者普通模型)。
Torch 5133 Torch7,深度学习库。
OpenFace 4855 基于深度学习网络的面部识别。
MXNet 4685 轻巧、便携、灵活的分布式/移动深度学习框架,支持Python, R, Julia, Scala, Go, Javascript等等语言。
Nupic 4364 智能计算的Numenta平台:一个脑启发式的计算智能和机器智能平台,基于皮层学习算法的生物精确神经网络模型。
Theano 4286 Theano 是一个 Python 库,用来定义、优化和模拟数学表达式计算,用于高效的解决多维数组的计算问题。
Leaf 4281 黑客的开源机器智能框架。
Char RNN 3820 多层递归神经网络的字符级别语言模型,基于Torch开发。
Neural Talk 3694 NeuralTalk是一个Python+numpy项目,用多模式递归神经网络描述图像。
deeplearning4j 3673 基于Hadoop和Spark的Java, Scala & Clojure深度学习工具。
TFLearn 3368 深度学习库,包括高层次的TensorFlow接口。
TensorFlow Playground 3352 神经网络模型示例。
OpenAI Gym 3020 一种用于开发和比较强化学习算法的工具包。
Magenta 2914 Magenta: 音乐和艺术的生成与机器智能
Colornet 2798 用神经网络模型给灰度图上色。
Synaptic 2666 基于node.js和浏览器的免架构神经网络库。
Neural Talk 2 2550 Torch开发的图像简介生成代码,运行在GPU上。
Image Analogies 2540 使用神经匹配和融合生成相似图形。
TensorFlow Tutorials 2413 Tensorflow,从基础原理到应用。
Lasagne 2355 基于Theano训练和构建神经网络的轻型函数库。
PyLearn2 2153 基于Theano的机器学习库。
LISA-lab Deep Learning Tutorials 2134 深度学习教程笔记和代码。详情参见wiki页面。
Neon 2121 Nervana™开发的一款快速、可扩展、易上手的Python深度学习框架.
Matlab Deep Learning Toolbox 2032 Matlab/Octave的深度学习工具箱。包括深度信念网络、自动编码机、卷积神经网络、卷积自动编码机和vanilla神经网络等。每种方法都有入门示例。
Deep Learning Flappy Bird 1721 使用深度强化学习破解Flappy Bird游戏(深度 Q-学习).
Chainer 1573 一款灵活的深度学习神经网络框架。
Neural Story Teller 1514 看图讲故事的递归神经网络模型。
DIGITS 1353 深度学习GPU训练系统。
Deep Jazz 1229 基于Keras和Theano生成jazz的深度学习模型!
Brainstorm 1143 快速、灵活、有趣的神经网络。
Darknet 937 C语言版本的开源神经网络。
Theano Tutorials 904 基于Theano的机器学习入门教程,从线性回归到卷积神经网络。
RNN Music Composition 904 一款生成古典音乐的递归神经网络工具。
Blocks 866 用于构建和训练神经网络模型的Theano框架。
TDB 860 TensorFlow的交互式、节点调试和可视化的工具。
Scikit Neural Net 849 深度神经网络入门工具,类似scikit-learn的分类器和回归模型。
Veles 760 分布式机器学习平台(Python, CUDA, OpenCL)
Deep Detect 759 基于C++11的深度学习接口和服务器,与Python绑定并支持Caffe。
TensorFlow DeepQ 759 基于Google Tensorflow的深度Q学习演示。
Caffe on Spark 724 基于Spark的Caffe。
Nolearn 702 神经网络库的抽象,著名的Lasagne。
DCGAN TensorFlow 568 基于tensorflow实现的深度卷积生成对抗网络。
DeepCL 413 用于训练深度卷积神经网络模型的OpenCL库