Good resources to learn ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is an open-source distributed search engine based on Apache Lucene. It becomes more and more widely used as it can help us build scalable full text search applications easily.  The core of elasticsearch is implemented in Java, but it provides an easy to use REST api that enables us to get access to Elasticsearch by using any programming language.

In this post, I shared some of the good blogs to learn elasticSearch.

ElasticSearch Tutorial for beginners

Basic ElasticSearch Concepts

This post describes some basic concepts of elasticSearch.

ElasticSearch is able to achieve fast search responses because, instead of searching the text directly, it searches an index instead.

In ElasticSearch, a Document is the unit of search and index.

An index consists of one or more Documents, and a Document consists of one or more Fields.

ElasticSearch in 5 minutes

This posts show you how easily to set up a elasticSearch service in just 5 minutes.

Another ElasticSearch tutorial to show how to install ElasticeSearch.

Getting Started with ElasticSearch

Use examples to show how to install and use ElasticSearch.

How To Setup an Elasticsearch Cluster – Beginners Guide

This post explained all the steps to setup a three-node elasticsearch cluster


Use python to get access to elasticSearch


This is a great post. There are detailed examples showing how to use python to create index and make a search using elasticSearch.

The first step is to install the python elasticsearch package. 

pip install elasticsearch

# make sure ES is up and running
import requests
res = requests.get(‘http://localhost:9200’)

More code can be accessed from here

Having Fun: Python and Elasticsearch

How To Use Elasticsearch With Python and Django

How to Query Elasticsearch with Python


  • Shivank Agarwal

    Elasticsearch is an open-source distributed search engine based on Apache Lucene. IWe have seen the immense poularity in India and hence it becomes more and more widely used search engine. I get to know about the API in the initial days of my classes. Elastic search is providing a brilliant User interface which is mostly not present in other search engines. Could you plz help me. I am looking forward to learn elasticsearch on an advanced level. Onur I am very impressed with the detailed code of yours.I am looking for some recommendations for the elastic course. Thanks in advance.