Exceptions When Delete rows from Hive Table

It’s straight forward to delete data from a traditional Relational table using SQL. However, delete rows from Hive Rows can cause several exceptions.

For examples, let see we have a imps_part table,  we want to delete the values in the Table.  You will get the exception:

When you run the simple delete command, we get: FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10294]: Attempt to do update or delete using transaction manager that does not support these operations


Some one suggest to use the following command:

This will result in the following exception:
FAILED: SemanticException 1:23 Need to specify partition columns because the destination table is partitioned. Error encountered near token ‘imps_part’


After run the following commands, we get: SemanticException [Error 10096]: Dynamic partition strict mode requires at least one static partition column. To turn this off set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict


After set the value for country:

We got: FAILED: SemanticException Line 0:-1 Dynamic partition cannot be the parent of a static partition ”US”


The correct query to delete all the rows from a partitioned Hive Table. 

TRUNCATE table <table_name>

How to delete some rows from hive Table: