Tor | Learn for Master
  • Run multiple tor instances

    Suppose we want to create three tor instances, with each having its specific ip. 

    Create three torrc files, say /etc/tor/torrc.1 to .3.

    In each file, edit the lines:

    to use different resources for each torrc file, e.g. for for torrc.1:

    for torrc.2,

    and so on.

    DataDirectory can also be relative to the current directory where tor is launched, e.g.:

    Then start tor like this:

    This will create three different Socks5 servers on the three ports.

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  • install and use tor on ubuntu for python requests

    Install tor on ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install tor

    open vi /etc/tor/torrc, set up the ports:

    Then start tor:

    service tor start

    Check tor service

    Install stem and PySocks

    pip install PySocks
    pip install stem

    The following is the code to use tor as proxy in python. 

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