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Softmax classification function

This intermezzo will cover:

The previous intermezzo described how to do a classification of 2 classes with the help of the logistic function . For multiclass classification there exists an extension of this logistic function called the softmax function which is used in multinomial logistic regression . The following section will explain the softmax function and how to derive it.

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Softmax function

The logistic output function described in the previous intermezzo can only be used for the classification between two target classes t=1

and t=0. This logistic function can be generalized to output a multiclass categorical probability distribution by the softmax function . This softmax function ς takes as input a C-dimensional vector z and outputs a C-dimensional vector y of real values between 0 and 1

. This function is a normalized exponential and is defined as:


The denominator Cd=1ezd

acts as a regularizer to make sure that Cc=1yc=1. As the output layer of a neural network, the softmax function can be represented graphically as a layer with C


We can write the probabilities that the class is t=c

for c=1C given input z



Where P(t=c|z)

is thus the probability that that the class is c given the input z


These probabilities of the output P(t=1|z)

for an example system with 2 classes (t=1, t=2) and input z=[z1,z2] is shown in the figure below. The other probability P(t=2|z)

will be complementary.

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